Group of female friends enjoying a picnic on the grass at sunset against the backdrop of the New York City skyline.

The world has changed.

Customers want more—more interesting and more different. They want it now, if not yesterday. And they are much more than simply customers; they are drivers on the two-way street of building businesses that serve them. They are advocates, detractors, influencers, and change agents.

Spaces cannot be static. Daily routines are no longer routine. The lines between work, home, and away life are more blurred than ever. Spaces that work are multi-faceted and dynamic, featuring programming tailored to time and occasion, while also evolving with trends over time. That means embracing diverse concepts from food halls with live music and outdoor media rooms to brand collaborations.

Owners that provide fluid spaces, enhance tenant experiences and maximize the value of their spaces will fare best for the foreseeable future.
— Forbes

We are changing with the world, creating a new typology for building places and businesses that connect with individuals, communities, and cities. An evolution powered by simply focusing on the experiences people will have.

A symmetry of ideas and perspectives flow between investment and development. We will always approach each opportunity individually, evaluating its unique merits and possibilities.

We imagine and invent together, investing our time and effort alongside some of the best in the world. For that, we are grateful. And as a result, we fiercely value and protect our relationships.

Overhead shot of a crosswalk next to the TKTS booth in Times Square.