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Thesis-led Acquisitions

Selecting high-potential deals using our distinctive point of view

When investing and developing, Witkoff pursues value-add assets with irreplaceable locations in markets with high barriers to entry and diversified demand drivers.

We are a data-driven firm. We identify unmet customer needs which can be profitably addressed using our informed economic viewpoint, disciplined analysis, and extensive in-house knowledge base.

People walking on the High Line on a fall afternoon.
Exterior shot of the building at 150 Charles Street.

True Vertical Integration

Turning a comprehensive team of real estate experts into returns

Witkoff is capable of and experienced leading all parts of the real estate lifecycle, from deal sourcing and pre-development through financing, construction, and operations.

With in-house teams focused on each area, we maximize returns by infusing construction, marketing, and operational expertise into every diligence and design process.


Deep Market Expertise

Leveraging rich experience in the highest potential markets

Witkoff focuses on opportunities in the central business districts of top tier cities and emerging markets with strong fundamentals.

We have significant experience in United States and London, including projects in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Honolulu.

People walking in front of the Blondie mural by Shepard Fairey in NoHo, New York City.

Partner Relationships

Assembling the right industry leaders for each opportunity

30 years of experience and a proven track record have built Witkoff a trusted reputation and an extensive network of potential partners.

We treasure and maintain those relationships, giving us access to esteemed associates who help us source lucrative, off-market deals, obtain attractive financing, design world-class properties, navigate construction, and operate our properties.

[Witkoff] often partners in particular circumstances with people who have a special experience that might be beneficial to the partnership. And he plays in enough different spaces that he does it more than others.
— Jonathan Mechanic, Chairman of the real estate division at the law firm Fried Frank in The Real Deal

Active Management Approach

Maximizing profit with operations and marketing

Witkoff drives incremental performance of ongoing operations by taking a hands-on role during all phases of an investment.

During development, our marketing and operations experts steer concept development and design to maximize profit potential. And during operation, those teams plus our asset managers stay deeply involved to drive results.

Exterior view of the sun reflecting off the mirrored surface of a skyscraper.