The Witkoff Group takes a relationship-oriented approach to all levels of the firm's business activities. Internally, this translates into a strong core of top management and employees who comprise the company's dynamic, integrated team structure. The Witkoff Group's senior management team possesses significant experience in all facets of acquisition, finance, legal, contruction, leasing and asset management. These professionals and the team that they oversee coordinate and consult regularly at key points in the acquisition, development and management of every asset in the Witkoff portfolio.

  The result is that the company moves with tremendous efficiency in responding to tenant issues or marketing contingencies through the synergy of its in-house acquisition, asset management, construction, legal, operations and leasing divisions. This teamwork also provides a critical advantage in acquisition due diligence, enabling the company to evaluate quickly and independently, the true potential of a prospective investment. Timely analysis allows The Witkoff Group to commit to the terms of a transaction quickly, maximizing the firm's ability to seize opportunities.

  In addition to The Witkoff Group's integrated internal communications, the company has a wide network of strong relationships with financial institutions, investors, leasing and sales brokers, vendors and tenants. Many of these relationships span decades of successful business alliances and form an external core group that works in tandem with the various company divisions.

The Witkoff Group acquired Fort Lee Executive Park - a 600, 000 square foot two-building, 13-acre office complex in the Northern New Jersey market. The company's strong network of relationships led to the purchase of mortgage debt from a major insurance company and, ultimately, to the property with the previous owner. The Witkoff Group's relationship with the insurance company, in turn, facilitated a "first look" and the successful acquisition of an operating leasehold of 615 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. Subsequently, the former owner of 615 Chestnut Street brought another Philadelphia investment opportunity - 8 Penn Center - to The Witkoff Group who acquired the property in partnership with that owner.


The Woolworth building at 233 Broadway in Manhattan is one of New York's most well known architectural icons and until 1930, was the world's tallest building. Acquired from The Venator Group in 1998, this landmark building is a significant addition to The Witkoff Group's growing portfolio and continues to be a premier business address. The Witkoff Group retained the former owner as a major tenant of the building with a ten year lease that encompasses over 100,000 square feet.

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